Speedo Women’s Rashguard Swim Tee

Hana Solid Pink & Black Surf Rash Shirt

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Posted: Aug 23 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Moms everywhere dress their little ones in rash shirts to protect their delicate skin, but all too often they forget about themselves. Speedo makes it easy to be sun smart with its adult sized Rashguard Swim Tee.

This is really just a bigger version of the shirts the kids wear, although its design is more muted. While the kids' rashies are generally patterned with fluorescent colors, the women's alternative is quite conservative. It's not as stylish as Speedo claims, but its basic black body and feminine pink arms are pleasing enough.

This is a shirt which is more about being practical than pretty though. The blend of nylon and spandex is appropriate for wear in and out of the water, and resistant to the sun's harmful rays. Unlike a bikini it'll protect your shoulders and tummy too, although you'll still need to remember the sunscreen for your face, arms, and legs.

The Rashguard design isn't as snug fitting as a traditional rash shirt which makes it more comfortable to wear, especially if you're active. While it'll provide great protection when you're sunbathing, it's also ideal for wearing while you're in the surf or playing a game of beach volleyball.

As with many beach clothes though, this Rashguard Tee will require careful handling. You can't wash it in your regular hot water wash, or iron or dry clean it. You'll also need to rinse it thoroughly if you wear it in the pool as the chlorine will affect the fabric. These are inconveniences shared with most similar products though, so we shouldn't be too surprised.

For $36, this Rashguard Tee is a smart, if not altogether stylish, addition to your beach wardrobe.

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