Solo Sunglasses Give Sight

Sustainable Bamboo Shades Donate to Needy & Fund Cataract Surgery

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Posted: Jun 2 | 5 Comments |

When you buy a pair of Solo sunglasses you're not just making an investment in your own eye protection; you're helping someone else who needs it most. The San Diego label donates a pair of prescription glasses to a needy person for every one sold. Every Solo sale also funds a portion of a cataract surgery for a worthy pair of blind recipients. It's all part of the company's Vision to Give.

The folks at Solo are a very giving lot. In fact, the firm gives between 10 and 15% of its profits to its partner organizations to fulfil its Vision to Give. Through Solo sales, Restoring Vision, L.V. Prasad Eye Institute and Aravind Eye Hospital all receive additional fundings necessary to complete their vital work.

But Solo doesn't just look after the world's poorest people; it also takes cares of the planet. The company crafts its sunglasses from a unique combination of sustainable bamboo and acetate. The words "Vision to Give" are engraved into the frames to remind shoppers of their contributions.

Solo's summer 2012 is set to hit stores next month. What better time to invest in a pair of these cute sustainable sunglasses, and a better future for the world's poorest blind people!

[Source: Solo website]

Bamboo Sunglasses

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