Sofia Retro Bazar’s Vintage Scarf Swimwear | Sustainable Recycled Renewall Swimsuits

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Sofia Retro Bazar Renewall Bikini

Sofia Retro Bazar Renewall BikiniItalian designers Ilaria Tranfa and Rita Molina are turning vintage neck scarves into sustainable swimwear with their label Sofia Retro Bazar.

By working with vintage fabrics from the sixties and seventies, the swimsuits from Sofia Retro Bazar’s Renewall line represent a modern shift towards environmental practices. The designing friends also keep their production process located within their homeland to minimize their carbon footprint.

As Sofia Retro Bazar works with vintage fabrics each piece from the Renewall range is a true original. The label also numbers every item in the line to guarantee its authenticity.

Salty sea conditions are harsh, but as every Sofia Retro Bazar swimsuit is handmade it should survive several summers. The label also uses polyester and lycra scarves for the swimwear, rather than the silk and organza ones we see in the line’s lingerie. These hardier materials should be perfect for time in the ocean, or on the sand.

The Renewall line doesn’t stop at swimwear and lingerie though. The collection also features apparel items and bags so you can enjoy these sustainable scarf goodies all year round.

The Sofia Retro Bazar Renewall swimsuits and other items are available at selected stores around the world, including eco-conscious e-tailer Yoox.

[Source: EcoSalon]
[Image Source: Yoox]


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