Six-Week Bikini Countdown Book

Fitness Guide to Getting Your Best Beach Body

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Posted: Dec 25 | 20 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Six Week Bikini Countdown BookAs the mercury drops it becomes increasingly harder to drag yourself out of bed and pound the pavement. But summer will be here before you know it, whether your body is ready for it or not. Thankfully Karon Karter says we can get a hot bikini body in just six weeks using her handy guide.

Karter is a Pilates specialist based in Dallas, Texas. She written numerous books and been featured on The Natural Wellness Channel, so she should know her stuff. And judging by the positive reactions to the book, it seems she does. Her core-targeted excercises are designed to challenge people of all fitness levels. There are the Pilates routines Karter's famous for, as well as interval training to burn calories and increase cardio fitness.

This is a very approachable book, with an easy and lighthearted style and progressively more difficult exercises. According to its enthusiastic response it also seems to get results. But it's far from perfect. The nutrition guide will likely see you lose weight, but it's not as balanced as it should be. All too often the servings have too few calories, which is likely to leave followers listless and irritable. No matter what Karter says, a tub of yogurt is not an evening meal.

It's also disappointing that the cardio component focuses on treadmill work. Most of us don't have one at home, and we generally turn to books like this to avoid gyms. We could likely make up our own substitute interval program, but it's disappointing that we have to.

The Six-Week Bikini Countdown book is very cheap though at $19.95. I think a hot bikini body is worth that, don't you?

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