Silhouette Launches Crystal Collection Website

New Rimless Sunglasses Available in United States

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Posted: May 4 | No Comments |

Silhouette Crystal Collection Sunglasses

Austrian eyewear brand Silhouette has entered the American market with the launch of its Crystal Collection this week.

The rimless glasses range features four prescription spectacles and three sunglasses. The rimless design is much more subtle than regular frames, and it's also incredibly lightweight. Each one is 80% crafted by hand by Austrian artisans using only the best materials. The glasses in the Crystal Collection range are made from a mix of high-tech titanium and SPX, which is then refined with cut Austrian crystals. I can't imagine any frames being as tough, which is a real blessing for women who regularly break their sunglasses! The lack of screws only adds to their minimalist appeal.

Silhouette's Crystal Collection was recently unveiled by models Helena Christensen and Nadja Auermann. And as the advertising still shows, the shades look amazing on models with such flawless beauty. But what about Average Josephines like us? The innovative Virtual Mirror on Silhouette's website gives us the answer. Simply upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on a few pairs to find the most flattering frames for your face!

Silhouette hasn't announced any prices on its website, but given the quality of these European sunglasses I’m not expecting them to be cheap. You can find them at selected eyewear stores around the United States and the rest of the world.

[Source: Coquette]

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