Shapeways Sells World’s First 3D Swimsuit

High Tech Three-Dimensional N12 Bikini

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Posted: Jun 8 | No Comments |

3d Bikini

Continuum Fashion and Shapeways have banded together to create the world's first 3D printed bikini, and you don't even need those pesky glasses to enjoy the effect.

The N12 is named after the nylon 12 material used to create the bikini. This fabric is strong and flexible, even when it's as thin as 0.7 millimeters. That makes the lightweight material very comfortable to wear at the beach. And it goes without saying that the material is waterproof, although you might not know it takes on a seashell like appearance when wet.

This swimsuit gets its three-dimensional appearance from circular plates of varying sizes which create depth around the body. Firstly a thin layer of nylon powder is laid out inside a preheated chamber. A laser then melts the nylon particles into a solid mass. The sequence is then repeated to build up the swimsuit, layer by layer. It's a complicated process, but the results are breathtaking.

The N12's components and closures cleverly snap together without sewing. That also makes this swimsuit feel great on, as we don't have to worry about the abrasions of stitching and side seams.

Unlike so many innovative designs the N12 bikini isn't a stand-alone concept piece. However that doesn't mean it's accessible to everyone! At between $250 and $300 for the top, and $200 for the briefs, the N12 bikini is an expensive but eye-catching piece of swimwear from Shapeways.

[Source: Ecouterre]

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