Sexy Victoria’s Secret Cover-up Romper | Sporty Beach Playsuit in Black or White

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Everywhere a person looks these days there are rompers! Playsuits that come in styles ranging from shorts, skorts, skirts to pants.

Now that look can travel to the sea and sands as well with this Victoria’s Secret Cover-up Romper.

This look quite sporty and simplifies the worries about having the right outfit for the beach. This romper comes in either black or white and the material is a spandex cotton.

The only qualms I have with rompers is that not all women have the same top to bottom proportions.

This romper could evade that problem because of the adjustable elastic drawstrings at both the top and waist. This lets you choose where it will fall along your waist-line and bust-line.

As far as being a swim-suit cover-up, most white cotton materials become transparent when they’re wet and a romper doesn’t have a lot of space to move around in and dry off like a flow-y dress might.

This is also the cheapest romper I’ve come across at $24.¬†This item would be much more of fashion statement than anything else.

I should also point-out, you do get these cute little side pockets with your romper. They might be able to hold your beach tags or small cell-phone, but this being Victoria’s Secret, those shorts are supposed to be tight on the bottom.

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