Sak Brand Group Adds Footwear

Sakroots New Beach Shoes

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Posted: Feb 27 | 2 Comments |

The Sak Brand Group has just added footwear to its The Sak and Sakroots lines. The shoe range has something for all occasions and seasons, from flip flops for summer days on the beach to rainboots for stepping out on stormy winter evenings.

A range of traditional footwear styles are represented including boat shoes, ballet flats, sandals, and wedges. These shoes feature the same crochet, cork, and wood finishes and artistic prints we see on The Sak and Sakroots handbags. While it might look a bit matchy-matchy to carry the bags with their complementary shoes, it's great to see a fashion house with such a clear design vision.

It's also exciting to see The Sak Brand Group sticking to its affordable pricing policy. All The Sak shoes are priced under the magic $100 mark, and the Sakroots ones are even cheaper at less than $50 a pair.

While many labels often add new lines, this is a major development for The Sak Brand Group. The company calls this its "most exciting brand extension" in its history of more than two decades. While that might be overselling the new addition a bit, it's exciting to see The Sak Brands Group branching out with something we all need.

Will you indulge in new beach shoes from The Sak this summer?

[Source: Surfline]

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