Roxy Women’s Tahiti Flip Flops | Affordable Simple Colored Zebra Print Sandals

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Roxy Tahiti Flip Flops

Roxy Tahiti Flip FlopsRoxy claims that even if you never get the chance to walk along the shores of Tahiti, “your feet will never know the difference when you wear” these Tahiti flip flops. Excuse me Roxy, but I’m a bit skeptical.

The colorful printed are soles are quite endearing, but strip away the aesthetics and you’ve got a fairly stock standard pair of flip flops. Roxy tells us that the flat sole makes the Tahiti shoes as comfortable as can be, but surely a contoured base would have made our feet feel much better. Sorry Roxy, I’m just not buying it. You opted for flat soles because they’re cheap, not because they give the illusion of walking along a tropical beach.

I do love those patterns though. The logo prints, colored checks, and vibrant animal prints have a playful retro vibe. What a shame they’ll be hidden underneath our feet. It’s also disappointing that Roxy didn’t do more work on the straps we’ll actually see; that tiny logo print against the plain black rubber just doesn’t cut it.

But as I mentioned, these Tahiti Flip Flops are very affordable at just $14.89 a pair. Just don’t expect them to live up to Roxy’s lofty claims!

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