Roxy Pearl Tide Dress

Blue Cotton Swimsuit Cover-Up

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Posted: Sep 13 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Roxy Pearl Tide Cover-UpRoxy deliver a simple yet timeless beach cover-up with this Pearl Tide dress.

I must admit, I'm a bit torn on this cover-up. On the one hand, I appreciate the simplicity of this cover up. By taking a more minimalist approach than many designers, Roxy's ensured this cover-up won't date. Helping its cause is the choice of a single color rather than a print. The vibrant turquoise blue has a bit of personality, but it's much more timeless than most patterns would be.

But for the price, an affordable $33, I'm not sure I want Roxy to think about timelessness. At that money it's hardly an investment piece after all. Instead I just wish the label had a bit more fun with it. The elasticized waist is really the only accent, which is very disappointing.

I've never known Roxy to create an apparel item I felt so ambivalent about. There's something to be said for timelessness, but I think it needs to be delivered in a much more appealing package. The blend of cotton and modal should feel soft against your skin, and the adjustable shoestring straps allow you to get just the right fit, but I still find myself asking "So what?"

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