Roxy Gracias Flip Flops

Black Buckle Decorated Comfortable Beach Shoes

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Posted: Oct 16 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Roxy Gracias Flip FlopsThey might not be the most fashion forward flip flops around, but after a day wearing them you'll likely thank Roxy for creating the Gracias.

There's no getting around it; these flip flops are pretty ugly. The large buckle only makes the wide straps appear even chunkier. They're far from feminine, especially since we can only choose between black and pewter. They're the kind of shoes most of us would never slip on our feet, but you know what they say about judging books by their covers.

What the Gracias lacks in grace it makes up for in comfort. The straps are made of buttery leather, and the sole lined with soft suede. This sole has built in cushioning too to absorb the shocks when you're walking or jogging along the shore. It's got only the slightest of heels too, so we don't feel any undue pressure on the balls of our feet. Flip these flip flops over and you'll see the traction-patterned outsole, which works like the tread of a car tire to keep you upright.

At least taking a chance on these flip flops will cost you just $39. That's not a lot to pay for comfortable shoes, no matter how unattractive they look!

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