Roxy Flashback Cheeky Hipster Board Shorts

Skimpy Colorful Boy Leg Bikini Briefs

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Posted: Jan 1 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Roxy Flashback Cheeky HipstersRoxy bridges the gap between board shorts and bikini bottoms in style with these naughty Flashback Cheeky Hipsters.

In terms of showing skin, these are much closer to a pair of bikini briefs than boardies. While the boy leg is a little longer than swimsuit bottoms, it's certainly not going to cover cellulite or chunky thighs. While they're slightly more modest than briefs, I wouldn't wear them unless you're really comfortable with your body.

If you are though, wear away! The blend of nylon and spandex is lightweight, comfortable, and quick to dry, and the cut is very stylish. I also love the retro purple, white, and blue print which gives the Flashback its name. My only hesitation is with the peace sign charms on the drawstring. They just seem a little too obvious for my tastes, but as they're small they're hardly deal breakers.

Roxy sells a complementary Flashback bikini top, but you needn't buy the set if it's not to your taste. I think these shorts would work really well with a plain royal blue or purple bikini or tankini, depending on how modest you are!

At $44 these Cheeky Hipster bikini bottoms aren't cheap, but they're unique enough to justify spending a bit extra, especially if you're pairing them with a more affordable swim top.

Get these Roxy Flashback Cheeky Hipster Bikini Shorts:

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