Romeo Beckham Designs Children’s Sunglasses

David & Victoria’s Son Makes Shades for Kids

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Posted: Sep 21 | No Comments |

Beckham jerseyRomeo Beckham is following in the footsteps of his stylish and creative mother Victoria and becoming a fashion designer. At the tender age of just eight years old, the son of the former Spice Girl and David Beckham has reportedly inked a deal to design a range of children's sunglasses.

Many have assumed that Romeo would take after his dad and start bending balls on the soccer field, but his parents are said to be "thrilled" with his creative career move. And why wouldn't they be? At that age I was still playing with Barbie dolls, not planning my own fashion empire!

Details on the designs themselves are a little thin on the ground at the moment, but a friend of the family has offered a few tidbits to The Daily Mirror.

"The glasses are made especially for children and will have a cool 'RB' motif on one arm," the unnamed source explained. "The range was originally going to be called Bambino Beckham. Both Victoria and David are delighted."

I never take the word of anonymous sources as gospel, but I hope these rumors are true. I'd love to see a new generation of children getting the sun safe message with Romeo's new shades!

[Source: The Bag Lady]
[Image Source: Chaouki/Flickr]

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