Rip Curl Planet Rashguard

Eco-Friendly Short Sleeved Rash Shirt

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Posted: Mar 22 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Rip Curl Planet Rash ShirtRip Curl does its bit for the globe's environment with this Rip Curl Planet Rashguard.

This clever surf shirt looks like it's made from traditional polyester. However its fabric's actually woven from old plastic bottles. The clever material keeps these soda containers out of landfill, and out of the world's ocean ways. It's also every bit as soft as more wasteful alternatives! It does take some extra effort to care for though. It won't survive a trip through the washing machine, but hand-washing is a more eco-friendly alternative anyway!

I wish Rip Curl was more forthcoming with information about its dyes though. I love the bright aquamarine hue, but I can't help worrying that it’s made using chemical colors. After all, designers usually want to let us know when they opt for water-based, natural alternatives.

At least Rip Curl is taking steps in the right direction though. And by using this innovative material in such a practical rashguard, it's ensured it'll appeal to many planet-conscious sun lovers. I appreciate the stitchless underarms and flatlock seams, which ensure our skin doesn't become irritated. The board short connector is another handy addition for water babies.

At $39.95 it seems we're paying a premium for this rashguard's green credentials, but it's still not expensive enough to turn eco-warriors off.

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