Revealing Bikinis

Does Modern Skimpy Swimwear Shock You?

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Posted: Mar 14 | No Comments |

skinny-bikiniDoes modern bikini swimwear shock you? It seems that with each passing decade swim-wear has become more and more of a fashion statement. Swim-wear has taken on a sexual tone.

Among modern swim wear are triangle bikinis, mono-kinis, string bikinis, g-strings, and the ultimate monstrosity - invisible bikinis; you can imagine what those do with regard to modesty.

It's not surprising why swimwear has acquired its sexual ways. There's something very attractive about a woman who can flaunt all a bikini has to show off and to do it in a confident manner.

Women have followed suit and men have been oggling at women on the beach ever since. Women's swimwear has shrunk to follow these ideas and what has come hand in hand with the trends in swim wear is an increasingly less stuffy Western culture.

Products such as the "Skinny Dip 2 Piece Triangle Bikini And Bikini Bottom" (pictured above) are prime examples of these trends. Let's dissect the title of the product. Skinny dip supplies the image of a bold and fun-loving girl, confident and willing to break social conventions - in a word attractive.

Two-piece describes the bikini in all its under-form glory (isn't it shocking - women prancing around in what is pretty much udnerwear on beaches without thinking twice about it or thinking it strange). "Triangle" emphasizes its skimpyness, saying that all that covers the naughty bits are triangles (four of them in fact).

There you have it. Modern swimwear.

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