Reef Guatemalan Threads Flip Flops

Handcrafted Woven Strap Beach Shoes

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Posted: Nov 1 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Reef Guatemalan Threads Flip FlopsThe traditional handicrafts of Guatemala head beachside with these Guatemalan Threads flip flops from Reef.

The playful hand-woven straps are what makes these flip flops really special. They're made using the same techniques that Mayan women have passed down to their children for centuries. Reef hasn't stolen these methods though; it's teamed up with non-profit group Nest, who gets a percentage of the profits from every pair sold. This money then helps the traditional artisans who create them.

Threads tie the straps at regular intervals, creating cute bunches along their length. The flirty sense of fun is only heightened by the choice of colors. I'm particularly partial to this pink and purple combo, but there's also a turquoise option if you prefer something less girly. Both versions complement the classic brown foot beds, so the choice is yours.

These foot beds are fairly simple, but they do have a slight arch built in for comfort. Despite that cushioning though, it's worth noting that the rubber soles are very thin. They'll be fine for strolling from your car to the shore, but they won't absorb the shock of a seaside run or game of beach volleyball.

We wouldn't expect that sort of performance from a pair of $42 flip flops though. For that price we get a cute pair of beach shoes with a bit of tribal flair, which is really all we can expect for the money.

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