Recycle Flip Flops at Old Navy

Terracycle Makes Playgrounds from Beach Shoes

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Posted: Apr 21 | No Comments |

Flip FlopsDon't just throw your old flip flops in the trash when they've reached their use by date. Recycle them! TerraCycle and Old Navy are making it easy this week with the launch of Flip Flop Replay. The program will give your old flip flops a new lease on life as part of exciting community play centers.

From tomorrow through to May 22 you can hand your old flip flops over at any Old Navy store in the United States. The staff there will pass your worn beach shoes on to TerraCycle who'll turn them into one of four public playgrounds around the country.

TerraCycle is one of the leading recycling programs in America. It's led national drives which turned yogurt containers into toothbrushes and razors, energy bar wrappers into handbags, and writing implements into trashcans and desk organizers.

How exciting to think your old summer sandals could become a slide, swing, or bench for children to climb upon. That's a lot more exciting that simply sitting around in landfill! As well as being innovative, this program is a great excuse to turf those well worn flip flops and indulge in a brand new pair this summer. Will you take part in this exciting recycling initiative?

[Source: Inhabitots]
[Image Source: Jonathan Werner/Stock.xchng]

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