ReChaco Repairs 20, 000th Sandal

Chaco’s Recycling Program Reaches Milestone

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Posted: Jan 19 | No Comments |

Chaco SolesChaco has repaired its 20, 000th pair of sandals through its ReChaco Repair and Warranty program. The initiative keeps plenty of sandals out of landfill, and Chaco employees busy with 700 sandals arriving on some weeks.

Skeptics may argue that any product that's well-made shouldn’t need fixing, but think about the punishment your sandals take during a busy summer. The scheme helps customers hold onto their favorite pair of sandals a little longer, and makes the planet a bit greener. And if customers feel like a change, the program can also offer that with a choice of different soles and many colored webbing options.

"Through ReChaco we can help save the soles of many adored sandals and shoes so our fans truly can spend a lifetime of adventures in that one favorite pair," Chaco's brand manager Whitney Conner explained. "ReChaco is not just a resole and repair business, instead it is an emotional experience that allows us to further connect with our consumers."

And Bob Gent, the lucky 20, 000th ReChaco customer agrees.

"I am thrilled that this company repairs their products, so I can get some more good use out of them before finally consigning them to the great beyond."

Gent received a free repair for being the lucky milestone customer, but I'm sure he'd be just as complimentary without that added bonus!

[Source: Treehugger]

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