Proof’s Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Eco-Friendly Shades Fund Eye Surgery

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Posted: Feb 13 | No Comments |

Proof Wood Sunglasses

These days eco-conscious beach goers can easily find green swimwear and eco-friendly beach totes, but sourcing environmentally friendly sunglasses is often much trickier. Proof looks to fill this gap in the marketplace with its collection of ethical eye wear.

The label chooses sustainably sourced woods including bamboo, zebrawood, and ebony over the more traditional plastic. It doesn't pocket all the money you spend either, preferring instead to share some with an eye clinic in India and a tree replanting program in Haiti.

The work with the Indian eye clinic is particularly important to Proof. It realized that while it was paying for vital sight-restoring surgeries, the work shouldn't stop there. Once sight was restored, the Indian people needed to protect their new eyes. And so for every foldable 1 for 1 pair of Proof sunglasses sold, Proof donates one to a newly-sighted Indian.

And finally there is Proof's recycling program, which ensures the shades don't become landfill once they've reached the end of their lives. To encourage customers to use this service, Proof offers fans a discount on their next pair of sunglasses.

I love Proof's retro unisex sunglasses, almost as much as I love the socially and eco-aware programs the brand supports. You can support them too by buying a pair of sunglasses online.

[Source: Treehugger]

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