Porsche’s New Aviator Titanium Sunglasses

Classic & Lightweight Luxury Heritage Collection

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Posted: Aug 19 | No Comments |

Iconic sports car marque Porsche has released a new range of sunglasses which celebrates its vintage aviator shades.

The glasses in the Heritage Collection take their cues from the designs of the 70s and 80s, but it's not merely a rehashing of the past. The range gives these classic looks 21st century makeovers which utilize the best in modern technology.

The titanium frames are lightweight and resistant to corrosion, while the lenses are made from thin, shatter-proof polycarbonate with a premium, anti-reflective coating.

There are four different aviator styles in the Porsche Designs Heritage Collection, which are available in a selection of frame colors. The prices are on the high side though, with the cheapest costing $250 and the most expensive $409. However, those hefty costs aren't really unexpected given the Porsche name attached to them.

You'll find the Heritage Collection at a range of boutiques now, including luxury eyewear e-retailer Eyegoodies.

[Source: Luxist]

Aviator Sunglasses on eBay

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