Podiatrist Talks Flip Flop Dangers

Importance of Supportive Sandals

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Posted: Mar 6 | 3 Comments |

Sandals SandSpring has sprung, and we're all digging out our favourite flip flops and sandals. But not so fast. Podiatrist Dr. Steve Rosenberg has issued a timely reminder of the problems that can come with wearing the wrong pair of beach shoes.

Flip flops and other warm weather shoes are notorious for lacking the support out feet crave. Wearing these shoes on the beach, at the mall, and at the clubs afterwards can leave your feet feeling worse for wear in more ways than one. Dr. Rosenberg says that during the warm weather months he treats patients suffering a host of feet complaints, including tired feet, muscle spasms, arch cramps, calluses, blisters, and lower leg pain. Even more disturbing is that these problems come from wearing the wrong footwear.

Warm weather doesn't need to be a podiatry pain though. You just need to choose the right beach shoes. Your feet should fit snuggly in your shoes as friction can cause calluses and blisters. Sandals and flip flops should also cradle your feet. A little support can go a long way. Beach shoes that allow orthotic inserts are ideal, but brands like Teva and Spring Step also offer many shoes with adequate arch support.

We all want to look cute on the beach, but there's nothing cute about hobbling about with sore feet. Thinking more carefully about your footwear choices this summer could save you some serious pain during the season.

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