Picnic Time Sunshine Blanket Tote

Unique Convertible Beach Towel

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Posted: Apr 28 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Picnic Time Sunshine Blanket TotePicnic Time cuts down on your summer essentials with this clever Sunshine blanket tote. It's a towel and beach bag all in one!

This is such a clever concept. Fluffy beach towels tend to take up all the space in beach bags, leaving little room for other essential items. We don't have to worry about that with this Sunshine though, as it simply wraps up around the things you need.

This blanket is made from soft fleecy material reinforced on the base with PVC. This manmade substance is water-resistant to ensure your towel doesn't soil if you set it down on damp sand. You also don't need a degree in engineering to convert it into a tote and back again! You can just fold it up and easily transport it back to your car once the sun sets.

It's disappointing that this towel can't be machine washed though. The brave few who've tried have reported finding holes in their towel tote. The manufacturer's suggest spot cleaning it, but anything meant for outdoor use deserves a more thorough clean on occasion.

Care concerns aside this blanket tote is one of those rare beach items that will enjoy some wear once the weather chills. It'd be perfect for picnics, outdoor concerts, and sporting events. That versatility makes its $19.95 price tag seem like a steal!

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