O’Neill Women’s Reactor 2mm Spring Wetsuit

Black and Pink Beach Surf Swimsuit

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Posted: Aug 1 | 1 Comment | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

O'Neill founder Jack O'Neill looked to create a wetsuit to help him surf longer. He's reinterpreted the result for the ladies here with this Reactor.

It looks simple, but this is one cleverly designed suit. It's made from a combination of O'Neill's patented FluidFlex neoprene and Fluid Foam neoprene. This mix makes the wetsuit extra flexible and lightweight. The blend was also designed to offer less drag in the wind and water. It's also so durable that O'Neill is proud to offer a one-year limited warranty.

If you're nervous about those short sleeves, don't be. The wetsuit is cleverly designed to keep you warm and reduce wind chill, which should appeal to year-round surfers and early birds. O'Neill attempted to make it fit ergonomically and reduce abrasion for maximum comfort. It succeeds for the most part, but the neck tends to be a shade too tight. One customer reported trimming hers to relief the pressure, but no one really wants to take a pair of scissors to their brand new suit!

The design is classic, although the choice of colored sleeves helps to give it a bit of personality. It still won't look as cute as a bikini, but if you're comfortable on a board your skills should help you turn heads!

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