Olive N Figs Jute Beach Bag

Affordable Yellow & Green Embroidered Eco-Friendly Tote

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Posted: Dec 11 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Olive N Figs Jute BagOlive N Figs has always been a cheap and cheerful brand, but I don't recall them offering quite as much bag for our buck before. At a bargain basement price of $5.99, this large jute beach tote is a steal.

Of course, you'll never get real luxury for that price. What you see is what you get. But this bag is well made, and its bold yellow-lime colors are ideal for a day at the beach. Don't expect the sunny citrus shades to work as well once you leave the shore, but for $5.99 we shouldn't expect this to function as an everyday tote.

Jute is an inspired choice, because it keeps the price down without sacrificing quality. Jute is renowned for its tensile strength, durability, and resistance to heat, so you can happily load this up and take it out in the middle of summer without any stress. You'll also get more than a few seasons from it, which is more than we can say for most bags at this price bracket! Jute is also natural and biodegradable, which should please all those eco-warriors out there.

I mentioned that what you see is what you get, so don't go expecting internal pockets or even secure clasps. If you carry a lot of small valuables to the beach that lack of security may be concerning, but if you're only packing a beach towel and flip flops you won't mind one bit. Especially when you consider how much money you've saved!

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