Oakley’s High-Tech New Sunglasses

JURY Aerospace Aluminum Shades

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Posted: Nov 14 | 2 Comments |

Oakley JURY SunglassesOakley has gone high-tech for the creation of its new line of sunglasses, called JURY. The shades are carefully crafted from aerospace aluminum alloy.

"Oakley strives to seamlessly blend the best of science and art, and this new sunglass raises the bar for both," explained company CEO Colin Baden.

"We wanted JURY to be made of metal but still provide the comfort of a lightweight design. The grade of aluminum used by machine industry mills was nowhere near our targeted profile, so we turned to the aerospace industry."

While it might sound like a bit of a gimmick, the space-age material means these sunglasses can survive the physical stress endured by rocket ships. That could come in handy if you're prone to sitting on your sunglasses, or dropping them!

The aerospace aluminum alloy frames complement their protective Plutonite lenses. They also feature Unobtainium stem sleeves, which grip on a little tighter if you start to sweat. Rather than hooking the ears as conventional sunglasses do, the JURY features a unique three-point design which only touches the bridge of the nose and the sides of the head. It apparently looks to make things more comfortable, but I can't say I had any complaints about the old design!

The Oakley JURY sunglasses are available exclusively from Sunglass Hut stores for a period of 90 days before they're rolled out into other eyewear retailers. No price details have been announced so far, but my guess is that this kind of technology doesn't come cheaply.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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