Oakley Women’s Betray Flip Flops

Casual Asymmetrical Leather Beach Shoes

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Posted: Feb 10 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Oakley Betray Flip FlopsOakley says it won't let you down on the beach with these Betray flip flops.

Oakley has tweaked the classic flip flop design, opting for a contemporary asymmetrical pair of straps. It's such a stylish, modern look that I'm surprised we haven't seen it mimicked by other designers.

While those straps are made of leather, they appear casual because they're so chunky. That might make them comfortable, but not very versatile. Thinner straps would have seen them work away from the beach, and helped us get more wear for our dollar.

The Betray flip flops are relatively affordable though at $50, so many beach bunnies won't mind their limitations. After all, their shock-absorbing EVA sole and contoured footbed will make for easy wear, so Oakley really does have us comfort and casual style covered.

Just don't expect a lot of summers out of these babies. EVA is basically just a kind of synthetic after all, and the sole is a single piece rather than the complex compound we see on more expensive shoes. These are the kind of flip flops who will be here for a good time, not a long time. So make sure you put them through their paces while they last!

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