NNW Swimwear Micro String Bikini

Daring Sexy Pink Thong Swimsuit

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Posted: Oct 30 | 11 Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

NNW Micro String BikiniNNW Swimwear leaves very little to the imagination with this daring micro string bikini.

This really is a bikini that requires an awful lot of confidence. If you look even slightly self conscious in it, the effect will be lost. If you love your body though, this is the perfect swimsuit for showing it off.

My reservations go beyond the modesty factor though. Rather than offering several different sizes, NNW Swimwear instead says that one size fits most. I always approach such tags with caution, as it's very difficult for a bikini to flatter a size two figure the same way it would a size 12.

It's also unlined, so don't be surprised if you reveal more than you intended once you get wet. I’m not sure whether that'll concern most of its fans though. That skimpy design seems like it's just waiting for a wardrobe malfunction, so many girls will feel happier keeping this suit on dry land.

This skimpy swimsuit certainly won't be to everyone's tastes, but if you've got the attitude to pull it off and the body to match you'll be happy to know it won't break the bank. At $32.99, this is quite an affordable swimsuit; perhaps that's not surprising considering it doesn't take a lot of fabric to make one!

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