Mykita’s New High-Tech Sunglasses

Mylon Material Makes Lightweight, Adjustable Shades

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Posted: Oct 26 | No Comments |

Mykita SunglassesIf your sunglasses begin to show scratches and other signs of wear by the end of the summer, listen up. Eyewear brand Mykita may have the answer with the advent of its new high-tech material Mylon.

Mylon is made from a polyamide that's flexible enough to be formed into literally any shape. It's made using a high-tech method knows as Selective Laser Sintering, which uses powder to build up the design in a similar way that 3D printers use paper. The technique boosts Mykita's design possibilities, and makes the glasses much more user-friendly.

If all that seems a bit confusing, don't worry. All you really need to know is that the use of Mylon makes tough, lightweight frames that adjust to their owner's face. They hold their shape once adjusted too, so you need never fiddle around for the ideal fit.

They may be lightweight, but I'm not sure the thick frames revealed are really stylish enough to suit most beachgoers. Hopefully we see the new technology used for more fashionable designs soon.

[Source: Accessories Magazine]

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