Mud Pie Coral Charm Flip Flops

Metallic Gold Beach Shoes

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Posted: May 12 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Mud Pie Coral Charm Flip FlopsMud Pie takes inspiration from the ocean with its Coral Charm Flip Flops. But are they perfect for the beach?

These are a really good looking pair of flip flops, with a bold coral design on a round medallion at the toes. The golden charm is complemented by the matching straps. The metallic finish makes them seem more sophisticated than your average pair of flip flops, so you could get away with wearing them away from the shore.

However they're not the most comfortable pair of flip flops, so you might be keen to get them off your feet at the end of the day! They're a very simple pair of beach shoes, without the contoured soles or other functional features that make all the difference. The straps are made from synthetic rather than real leather too, so they won't soften as the more expensive skin does over time. That means they'll inevitably rub against your feet, especially once the mercury soars.

There are also just three sizes on offer: small, medium, and large. Because of this they're unlikely to fit as well as the usual graduated sizes do. Flip flops are inevitably a bit more forgiving than a pair of enclosed shoes, but I'd still prefer to find just the right size.

These Mud Pie flip flops have flaws, but they also cost just $25.50. That's not a lot to spend on such a cute pair of shoes.

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