A Girl’s Gotta Trim The Hedges

Hilarious Bikini Razor Ad

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Posted: Apr 16 | 3 Comments |

Here's an advert that is prepared to push the boundaries and have a little fun. I can just see a seven year old watching this ad asking his mum why the women are so excited about bushes.

The ad is for the new Wilkinson Schick Quattro bikini razors and it has aired in the U.K in a filthy but funny fashion. It hasn't been broadcast in the U.S  either being deemed unsuitable for a U.S audience by Wilkinson or has just been banned by authorities.

Talk About Innuendo!


This video is full of it:

  • Stroking a pussy cat (that ends up shaven!)
  • Trimming the bush
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Big bushes
  • Tulips (two lips) on the mound!

The commercial definitely gets your attention gushing with suggestive bushes shaped into landing strips and hearts, big hedge clippers and shrub cutting chainsaws, with a variety of good looking women dancing around and singing.

Pubic Controversy?

This ad will undoubtedly offend some as the advert does show a company publicly encouraging women to shave and shape their bikini line.

Still it's not like men are immune to such messages with Phillips pushing the Shave Everywhere campaign.

I think most will take the ad at humor value and it has certainly been a mild viral hit garnering several thousand views on YouTube and wide discussion in the blogosphere.

However, the advert does definitely leave a sense that shaven and shaped bikini lines are the norm. But are they?

Are Shaven Mavens Really a Man's Dream?

Asking around friends you would expect a consensus that a neatly trimmed bikini line is the in-thing. It seems that the 70's style bush is no longer in fashion.

The most outrageous statement I've heard is that a styled landing strip can make you look thinner. Unfortunately I don't think hairs nicely trimmed into a vertical line will create some optical illusion that sheds pounds off your waistline.

Plus by the time the landing strip comes on show I think a man's mind has already been made up. I can't see a guy saying "actually I've changed my mind; the heart shaped-muff just added several pounds on you. You should have gone for a landing strip. I'll call you!"

Google Says Hairy Muff is What Men Want


google-shaven-insights-keyThe graph above shows which searches are more popular on Google. From this you can see that a hairy bikini region is more popular getting significantly more searches from adult-pic hunting men.

It also shows that searches for the shaven variety have been gradually declining over the past few years, while the hairy variety is becoming more sought after.

It also shows that searches for a bikini and Brazilian wax have remained relatively constant, suggesting that the amount of women getting a bikini wax done has remained relatively constant.

So is a shaven maven really what men want as Google search history is telling a different story?

Wilkinson Schick Quattro Bikini Razors on eBay

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More Bikini Line Bulletins


  • Ali says:

    I think a possibility of why the “hairy” is so high is because its a relative fetish. The norm is clean shaven, so most people wouldn’t include that in their search. If they want the hair though, that requires a special search.

    Just a speculation..

  • TRCIII says:

    I’ve been a “fan” of women’s pubic areas, in all their wondrous variety, since losing my virginity at 15 in 1974. I’ve seen “men’s magazines” that displayed a woman’s nether areas since shortly before that, and have “studied” Playboy’s and Penthouses dating back to their inception and here’s one man’s theory:
    Men want variety.
    Back when shaving was rare, it was considered a sign that a woman was “hot”; if she was taking that much time to prep herself in such a fashion, she must plan on someone seeing it…maybe several someones. It was something women surprised their men with, and it was shocking, interesting, tantalizing but most of all different.
    Now, it’s the norm…and many men are expressing their desire for a full bush. (A particular “Sex and the City” episode probably helped raise awareness of that fact.) I predict (eventually) the pendulum will swing back; women in men’s magazines will begin showing more and more hair, to be different from their competitors, and the next generation of men will be longing once again for the shaven maven.
    But in every age, there are a certain number who will want hirsute–the hairier the better–and probably an equal number that want shaven, or at least scant. I think the earlier poster hit it on the head: you don’t have to search for shaven to see shaven. But the fact is…35 years ago–long before Google and the Internet was recording such things–Schick would not have had a market for this product, and today…we get to debate about the relative crassness or cleverness of such a commercial on television. But no one is questioning whether or not there is, in fact, a sizable market for an intimate trimmer/shaver for women. Schick did their marketing research, and I guarantee the product will sell. And there’s just enough controversy to give them significant “buzz” and get their name in front of potential buyers. Good on ’em; well done.

  • Mike dallas texas says:

    i grew up in the day of unshaved women, i can tell you that just the smell of urine and sweat in that bush made me sick, i am so glad for, and appreciative of, womens desire to get rid of that unnecessary hair and have an oderless area, thank you girls

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