Most Sexy Women of Twitter 31-40 | Pics of the Sexiest Tweeters Alive

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#40 Michelle Dewberry


The sexiest winner of The Apprentice was already well-off with her book ‘Anything is Possible.’ We recommend that she take a break from working and dawn a Sin City bikini whenever possible. Read her business minded-tweets here: @MichelleDewbs.

#39 Barret Swatek (Kate Maxwell)


Barret once played Cheryl on the hit WB series “7th Heaven” and is now known as Kate from the web series “My Two Fans.” She claims she’s single, but a Sheer G-String bikini would have guys queuing up. Follow her on twitter here: @KateMaxwell.

#38 Jenny Haze


Aside from the fact that she lives in Miami Beach and has the body to fill out a Lisa Curran circles bikini like the one Drew Barrymore wears, we don’t really know much about sports model Jenny Haze. If you don’t mind some sports promo tweets mixed in you can follow her here: @JennyHaze. Not to be confused with the also very hot Jenna Haze.

#37 Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy)


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Alison Sudol, more commonly known as the singer in the indie band A Fine Frenzy, looks just as beautiful as she sounds on a piano. She hasn’t been seen dressed down yet, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for a Victoria’s Secret Beach bikini that Sara McLachlan occasionally wears. View her tweets here: @AFineFrenzy.

#36 Sarah Shell


Orlando, Florida resident Sarah Shell isn’t a famous model or photographer yet, but she is definitely a hot one and likely on her way to fame. Someone needs to buy her a Two Tone bikini ASAP to help boost her profile. View her tweets on: @SarahShell.

#35 Brooke Hogan


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At 21, Brooke is the oldest (and hottest) child of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. We’re looking forward to seeing her in a Metallic G bikini (which suits her busty blonde body) on the next season of Brooke Knows Best. @BrookeHogan is her real twitter account.

#34 Heidi Montag


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If you’ve tuned in to MTV in the past 4 years or so, you’ve caught a glimpse of the beautiful Heidi Montag on The Hills. As you might be able to tell by the picture above, sporting a revealing & naughty string bikini isn’t a problem for her. Recently on @heidimontag she announced she’d be going to the Maxim Hot 100 party, can’t wait for the pics!

#33 Jolie O’ Dell


Jolie O’Dell is, hands down, the hottest blogger at ReadWriteWeb. Besides being a tech journalist and enterprise video blogger, she enjoys rollerskating, sandwiches, and rock and roll. Rocking a Curvy Zigzag bikini like the one Courtney Love wears would be nice too. Check out here techie tweets on: @jolieodell.

#32 Kayla Collins


Kayla was Playmate of The Month in last August’s Playboy. Fun fact: she was discovered by Holly Madison (Hugh Hefner’s #1 girlfriend) on Myspace when she was just 18. A Shoshanna Strawberry ring halter bikini like the one Jessica Simpson wore would be ideal for a girl with her body type. Catch her tweets here: @kaylacollins.

#31 Carla Medina


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Carla is the Mexican Disney presenter that makes every guy want to speak Spanish. It’ll probably never happen, but the Latin Disney Channel should consider giving her a 1690 Swimwear Halle bikini like the one Vanessa Hudgens wears around Zac Efron. She tweets on both English and Spanish here: @carlamedina.

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