Most Sexy Girls of Twitter 11-20

Pics of the Hottest Bodies Tweeting Online

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Posted: May 20 | 22 Comments |

#20 Katy Perry


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This former Christian singer kissed a girl, liked it, and wrote a song about it. Fun fact: Perry dated Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy- you can see her in the music video for "Cupid's Chokehold." Recommended outfit: the Daisy Dukes black bikini. Read her updates: @katyperry.

#19 Chanel


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Chanel (aka CC) is a rapper/receptionist. from She also happens to be one of the only reasons people pay attention to the show "Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory." Her typically hot blonde busty body would look great in a strapless twist bikini. View her twitter updates on: @chanelwestcoast.

#18 Cassie Ventura


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Model Cassie Ventura topped the charts with her song "Me & U" back in 2006, and now is a spokeswoman for Diddy's Sean Jean women's collection. A burgundy Colombian tie bikini would look extremely appealing against her skin. She tweets regularly at @cassieventura and often posts pics of herself too.

#17 Coco


The Lycra Micro-Mini Thong Bikini was almost made for Coco. This Playboy model has one of the most busty bodies we've seen- and she claims it's all natural. She's relatively new to twitter, but doesn't miss a day updating @cocosworld and regularly answers questions from her fans.

#16 Danella Lucion


Danella Lucioni is not your typical runway model. She has a B.A. in Communications, an Associate Degree in Arts, and is the founder of Athena Kittens; a non-profit kitten rescue organization. We could definitely see her in a classy Indah Clothing bikini like the one Kate Hudson wore in US magazine. She tweets about kittens and photo shoots via @justdanella.

#15 Milani Rose


Rosalyn Weeks, better known as Milani Rose, was named "Web Girl of The Year" by King Magazine. She's been in a number of music videos and even a rumored sex tape. She's no stranger to revealing clothes and a skimpy leopard micro string bikini would be just the thing we'd love to see! Tweet this fashion tip to her here at: @sexymilani.

#14 Britney Spears


[Image Source:]

5 years ago, Britney would have made it to the very top of our list. It's taken some time, but the world's sexiest pop culture icon has finally lost all her baby weight. Rocking a double strap triangle top bikini would be a great way to celebrate her revamped look. Her twitter account @britneyspears has over 1.3 million followers- making her the most popular girl on our list.

#13 Coco Velvett


This 29 year old pornstar from Los Angeles likes to drink and visit the beach. For optimum tanning we suggest she wear the Roxy love string bikini bottoms; no top necessary. See her twitter here: @cocovelvett.

#12 Chelsea Korka


[Image Source:]

Singer Chelsea Korka was a contender in the Miss Florida USA pageant and even auditioned to be a Pussycat Doll. Her current musical group, The Paradiso Girls, has worked with Lil Jon and Ideal swimwear: an Insight Thunderstruck Bikini bikini. See her twitter at: @ChelseaParadiso.

#11 Skye (from Sophia Fresh)


T-Pain signed R&B group Sohpia Fresh for two reasons: their ability to sing and their gorgeous looks. Skye, of course, is no exception. Ideal bikini: Capri Bandeau brown bikini for an urban meets beach look. Follow her on twitter here: @SkyeTunes.

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