Most Beautiful Celebrities of Twitter 21-30

2009 Hottest Girl Tweeters

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Posted: May 20 | 3 Comments |

#30 Ashlee Simpson


[Image Source:]

Even without her old nose, pop sensation Ashlee Simpson rivals her sister's looks. We admit, we're still extremely jealous of Fallout Boy member Pete Wentz for marrying her. Though, a comeback video featuring a Carlita bikini might be repayment enough. @ashsimpsonwentz is her official twitter.

#29 Marina Orlova (Hot For Words)


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Marina Orlova (aka HotForWords) is the most viewed guru on YouTube. She's been called the "Sexiest Philologist in the world" by New Yorker Magazine, but, then again, who else do you know that discusses origins of words in skimpy outfits? It she's worn other swimsuits on YouTube, so we're willing to bet she'd put on a high-V-cut bikini any day of the week. Follow her on @hotforwords and you might win a lunch date.

#28 Kristen Stewart


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Kristen, better known by teens as Bella from the romantic vampire flick Twilight, was caught smoking a hash pipe earlier this year. Which is why we're positive she'd love to loosen up in a J Crew Twist Fron Bandeau bikini which Jennifer Garner was seen wearing. She doesn't have a MySpace or Facebook, but instead likes to keep in touch with fans via @KristenjStewart.

#27 Veronica Belmont


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This former Mahalo Daily podcaster is every video game geek's dream girl. Just imagine if she wore a Hot Zebra bikini on the PlayStation 3-based video on demand program Qore. See her twitter updates here: @Veronica.

#26 Julia Allison


[Image Source:]

Julia Allison is probably the hottest journalist we know. In college she used to write a dating column, and now she still gives out her advice via her videoblog NonSociety. She's never worn a V-front bikini in public, but we think it's only a matter of time. View her witty tweets on: @juliaallison.

#25 Kerli Koiv


Alternative rocker Kerli Koiv is originally from an Estonian town of 5,000 people. No doubt, some of her former classmates wouldn't be too upset seeing her in a Seychelles Crochet Bikini and neither would we. Catch her twitter updates here: @kerlikoiv.

#24 Kim Kardashian


[Image Source:]

Her late father defended O.J. simpson, but of course, we all know her for her infamous sex tape with R&B singer Ray J. The next time she's on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it'd be a blessing if she wore that Sassy Scrunched bikini she's been seen swimming in. She describes herself as an Armenian Princess and has racked up over 800,000 twitter followers: @KimKardashian.

#23 Chantelle Paige


[Image Source:]

The newest member of Rock/hip-hop group Flipsyde is also the hottest. She loves to update her blog, MySpace, and of course, constantly her twitter account @ChantellePaige. We're also willing to bet she'd love to sport a Newport triangle bikini.

#22 Justine Ezarik (iJustine)


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The naturally beautiful Justine Ezarik, better known as blogger/lifecaster iJustine, may not curse or drink in any of her viral videos, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't look great in a Maya brown eden ruffle halter bikini that Lindsey Lohan was seen wearing last year. Catch this popular new media web chick along with her 500,000+ other followers at: @ijustine.

#21 Ashley Tisdale


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She doesn't wear bikini's in public much, but she has been spotted in a "Love Kills Slowly" bikini by Ed Hardy a few times. Although, she'd probably be able to afford just about any type of swimwear with that $2.8 million she made from High School Musical 3. Catch her twittering on: @ashleytisdale.

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