M&M Environmental’s New Bed Bugs T-Shirts

Quirky Dating Tees

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Posted: Jul 9 | No Comments |

M&M Environmental Bed Bugs T-ShirtsNew York based pest control firm M&M Environmental is making a surprising step into the fashion world with its cheeky range of bed bug themed T-shirts.

The cute T-shirts look to advertise your bed-bug free status to potential mates with slogans like "Date Me I'm Bed Bug Free" and "BBFF," an acronym which translates to bed bug free forever.

Natalie Raben, M&M Environmental's communications and marketing director, developed the idea after she personally suffered a nasty bout of bed bugs. She was open about her experiences, and even made an appearance on The Rachel Ray Show, before realizing that her love life may suffer if she became the poster girl for bed bugs! I suppose a T-shirt advertising your new bed bug free status is as good a way as any to spread the word!

There's no telling whether anyone will really be attracted to your lack of bed bugs. Frankly the topic of bed bugs seems anything but sexy. But these T-shirts are so quirky that they could help spark a conversation with that cute surfer boy you've had your eye on!

And if they do, I'm sure you won't mind spending the $20 that M&M Environmental is asking!

[Source: Fashionista]

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