Miraclesuit Avanti Swimsuit | Black Figure Flattering Pleated One-Piece

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Miraclesuit Avant Swimsuit

Miraclesuit Avant SwimsuitMiraclesuit thinks you’ll believe in miracles after you try its Avanti swimsuit. The label claims you’ll appear to drop ten pounds just by slipping it on!

On the surface this looks like a fairly unremarkable swimsuit. There are no prints, no applique, and its black color is as basic as you can get. The pleating adds a bit of interest, but it’s still not enough to really elevate this swimsuit above the pack. It looks classic and timeless, but that alone wouldn’t be enough to impress us.

The Avanti is about more than aesthetics though. Those pleats aren’t simply pretty; they cleverly slim your silhouette and accentuate your body. Miraclesuit’s patented Miratex material sucks lumps and bumps in and keeps them in place. The bust has an inbuilt underwire for support, and there are darts in the cups to create a naturally alluring shape. There’s so much at work here that onlookers won’t even know about!

The strapless design is very sexy, but not very secure once you head to the water. Thankfully Miraclesuit also offers two stretchy, adjustable straps for support when you need it most. Then once you emerge from the waves you can simply detach them for a line-free tan.

Anyone who’s endured a night wearing Spanx knows wearing such a figure-flattering swimsuit won’t be very comfortable, but the wolf whistles might just make it worthwhile!

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