Lycra Micro-Mini Thong Bikini in Red or Pink

Reduced Swimwear

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Posted: Mar 26 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

micro-thong-red-bikiniAn Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny… Lycra Micro Mini Thong and Matching String Top.

After looking over the products from y2Clothes on Amazon they have a wide range of items ranging from the micro bikini to lingerie.

Some of there items are quite tasteful but on the other hand some seem a little on the 'Risk A' side. This is one of those bikinis!

This bikini is for the confident girl who likes to show off her figure.

While style is important, if you are looking at micro bikini wear the main things you should consider is the comfort and support of the suit.

There are a few brands to consider when choosing a micro bikini such as Dangerous Curves, Colleen Kelly Designs and mikrokitten brazilian bikinis. The range of price out there is from the well-priced Lycra micros of around $15.00 to the Fiu Fiu brand that can reach over 100.00 dollars.

This Lycra micro falls on the cheaper side reduced to $15 and has great lines and good cuts with their overall sleek and sexy style with two choices of color: red or Chartreuse (i.e a bright pink). At the time of posting there is only two left in stock of the red.

They have kept the choice simple and elegant. For me, after all things considered, simple & sleek black micros are the winner for my choice.

Lycra Micro Bikinis on eBay

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