Lycra Lining Triangle Bikini Bra in Pink, Black or White

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Posted: Mar 12 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

lycra-lining-triangle-braThe Lycra lining Triangle Bra top is one of the ensembles of a bikini swimming suit. Ideally it is worn on the beach outside or on any indoor swimming pool. It has an amazing look on a women’s body, especially the made of the top is has an eye catching feature.

The women’s sensual side is very well portrayed by wearing this top, not only her assets are well shown upon to portray her sexual side as well. The Lycra top is also available in ravishing light or neon pink, white or black. The colors not only bring out the women’s personality out but also show her comfortableness in the revealing outfit.

The only way a revealing top like the Lycra Triangle top can be so ravishing looking only if it’s made with the particular women in mind. It’s all about how the Lycra makes the women feel, sexy and self confident at the same time. It is also a part of the “Baby dolls” journo which includes sensual, sexy yet comfortable clothing for women.

The price of the Lycra top is quite a bargain for $ 4.69 especially in times like these where every penny counts. But it is definitely a must-in for every women closet, when a good durable Lycra top is handy especially on those sunny days on the beach when it’s all about the swim suit & hitting the beach.

Also as it is a available only in “one” size that says it all i.e. you don’t need to be a certain size to fit in this fabulous Lycra top, whatever cup size you are its fits you the best as it made for you and keeping you in mind. So get it Girl and enjoy the sunny beaches in the sexy Lycra.

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