Luli Fama Cosita Buena Bikini Top

Wavy Green Triangle Swimsuit

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Posted: Mar 24 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Luli Fama Cosita Buena BikiniLuli Fama adds a little extra flair to the traditional triangle style bikini top with the Cosita Buena.

At its heart this is a classic triangle style bikini, but the wavy frilled edge gives it some individual style. These loose ruffles stop short of being overly feminine; instead they're sophisticated and chic. The jewel emerald green shade only adds to the Cosita Buena's good looks. There are some other color choices, but I think this is the pick of them. The black and charcoal hues are a bit pedestrian, while the lurid berry daring pink makes this swim top look like something Barbie might wear.

Luli Fama's twist on the traditional triangle bikini style drew me in, but the label's also added a few practical features to keep me interested. The blend of nylon and spandex is designed for comfort and functionality. When you're in the water you'll find the fabric flexible, and when you emerge from the waves you'll notice how quickly it dries.

The triangles slide around for just the right fit, and there are removable cups to offer some extra padding in the bust. However, I have to wonder if these cups go far enough. They certainly haven't seemed to help the model any, so that's bound to make slender girls wonder.

At $73 this bikini top is expensive, so if you need some curve enhancement I suggest trying one on before committing.

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