Luli Fama Copa Cabana Tunic

Feather Patterned Blue Cover-Up Shirt

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Posted: Nov 18 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Luli Fama Copa Cabana TunicIt might be patterned with feather graphics, but I can't imagine any showgirls called Lola wearing this Coba Cabana Tunic

The biggest problem is that this cover-up favors sun protection over sizzle. That's not entirely a bad thing in this day of dangerous UV rays and skin cancers, but a tunic called the Copa Cabana should have more sex appeal. Not even the tie beneath the V-shaped neck can inspire any interest. I think Luli Fama was shooting for floaty and feminine but instead it came out shapeless. A tunic that's relatively short should make our pulse race, but the cut is all wrong.

So is the print, which appears dated from the start. Rainbow colored feathers sound promising on paper, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. If it looks old-fashioned now, I hate to think how it'll seem a few summers from now.

Still, as with all Luli Fama products we're getting quality here. This cover-up is well made from superior materials, and that counts for a lot.

At $96 this Copa Cabana tunic is relatively affordable but still no bargain. Personally I think it needs to be considering its old-fashioned styling. However if you're less trend conscious you may see value here.

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