Lucky Brand Mystic Road Trip Swim Skirt

Short Ruffled Printed Cover-Up

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Posted: Feb 26 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Lucky Brand Mystic Road Trip SkirtYou might never get to experience the free love of the flower power era, but you can wear fashion from the time with this Mystic Road Trip swim skirt from Lucky Brand.

Vivid teal, lime green, and purple paint seems to have been splashed all over this cute swimming skirt. The vibrant hues ooze into one another in a really trippy way.

The pattern is so dominant that it's easy to miss this swim skirt's details. The print makes it hard to see the ruffled layers and the wide waistband above. It seems a bit wasteful to obscure all those the ruffles, but the waistband makes sense. It'll sit comfortably against our bodies, whether we're enjoying the waves or soaking up rays on the sand.

As this skirt is made from a blend of nylon and spandex it'll work as well in the water or on dry land. It makes a feminine alternative to traditional board shorts or a cute cover-up. Just remember to hand wash it if you hope to retain those vivid hues after a few summers.

If it were simply a beach skirt I'd hesitate to spend $52 on it. But its versatility helps to justify that cost.

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