Lucky Brand Batik Rose Bikini

Pink & Green Triangle Swim Top

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Posted: Mar 3 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Lucky Brand Batik Rose BikiniLucky Brand takes its cues from the East with this Batik Rose bikini.

Real batik sees artisans dripping hot wax over their cloths before coloring them. The dye doesn't penetrate the wax covered spaces, and so we're left with pale markings once the substance is removed. Lucky Brand has taken some shortcuts here and used a print rather than the traditional wax. That's unsurprising for this price, but still disappointing for traditionalists.

While the print is a poor imitation of the traditional art, it's not a bad pattern in its own right. I'm not so fussed on the piping which separates the pink and green panels though. The blue accents are intended to create interest, but they just seem a bit messy.

While the print hasn't wowed me I really like the Batik Rose's design. Its halter straps are wider than the average, so they should provide extra support and be a bit more comfortable against your neck. I also appreciate the removable padding in the bra, which ensures the Batik Rose looks good on women of all shapes.

Lucky Brand's Batik Rose isn't one of the most impressive bikinis on the market, but at $50 it is one of the cheapest. If money matters you could do worse!

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