L*Space Au Natural Sliding Bikini

Earthy Striped Halter Swim Top

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Posted: Feb 3 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

L*Space Au Natural BikiniL*Space takes a more rustic approach to design than usual with this Au Natural Sliding Bikini.

I'm used to bold colors and fashion forward designs from L*Space, so this more bohemian bikini comes from left of field. I'm not sure what the labels fans will make of it, but I expect it might encourage hippie chicks to see the brand in a new light. L*Space hasn't abandoned its high class image altogether though. The 19-karat gold plated links on the straps are a luxurious complement to the more rustic triangle top.

I love the earthy coloring of the Au Natural, and the change of pace this swimsuit represents. But I feel L*Space is attempting to pull the wool over our eyes. Its name implies that this swimsuit is natural, yet it's crafted from a blend of manmade fibers. Hemp or bamboo would have been much kinder on the planet than this nylon and spandex concoction.

I'm not sure whether L*Space intended to deceive its customers, but this swimsuit leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What is an otherwise good looking bikini suddenly seems like a dishonest grab for green cash. A more appropriate name would have made all the difference.

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