Linda Loudermilk Compostable Bikini

World First Eco-Friendly Swimsuit at Miami Swim Week

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Posted: Jul 25 | No Comments |

Miami Swim WeekMiami Swim Week has introduced us to some weird and wonderful swimwear. Some, like the glass Diesel bikini modeled by Kristin Cavallari, are striking but not very smart. However other suits, like Linda Loudermilk's compostable swimsuit, take technology into new, practical directions.

The eco-conscious designer claims her plant starch bikini is the first compostable swimsuit in the world. It was one of the star attractions at the HauteNatured swimwear runway show at the week's close.

A compostable swimsuit sounds good to environmentalists in theory, but I must admit I wondered about the practicalities of it. After all, no one wants to step into the surf fully clothed, only to have their swimwear wash away in the waves! But Loudermilk assures us, the suit will only begin to break down once it's buried in the earth, and even then it takes around 180 days to decompose.

But Loudermilk doesn't necessarily expect her swimsuit will be around for a long time.

She told the Miami Herald that "You can use it again or you can throw it away," before adding that it's very inexpensive. I'm not sure anything could be priced low enough for me to wear it once or twice, but perhaps it's just the thing for celebrities that don't want to be snapped wearing the same suit!

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