Lightload Beach Travel Pocket Towel

Affordable Small Expandable Absorbent Blanket

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Posted: Jun 28 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Beach towels are summer vacation essentials, but their size makes them difficult to pack into the average handbag. Lightload has come up with a solution with its unique pocket-sized beach towels.

It sounds unbelievable, but when packaged up these lightweight towels will easily fit inside the pocket of your skimpy shorts or a small clutch purse. Once you hit the shore rip open the wrapper, wet the towel, and it'll expand to its full size. It might seem strange to wet a towel, but under the heat of the summer sun it'll probably be dry once you emerge from the surf.

Its 100% viscose material is said to soak up more than your average cotton towel, although many people who've used them disagree. Personally I wouldn't expect anything so convenient to be as useful as a fat fluffy beach towel, so I'm not entirely surprised.

These towels sound like a great idea for backpackers, jetsetters, or any other beach lovers who are short on space. It might not get you as dry as a luxury towel, but it only costs $7.95 and it's biodegradable, so you need not feel too guilty about throwing it away once you leave the coast. If you prefer to be frugal, you'll be thrilled to know these towels are machine washable. Although how many times they'll escape through the washer unscathed is anybody's guess!

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