La Perla’s Sixties Spring Collection | New Pop Art Influenced Swimwear

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La Perla Monokini

La Perla MonokiniLa Perla celebrates the swinging sixties with its spring/summer 2012 collection.

The new range actually features three lines which each represent a different side of the decade. There’s the pop art influenced Warhol, Mondrian & Co, the Hollywood stylings of Bon Ton Sixties, and the freedom of expression found in Chic Sauvage.

The sixties was known as the era of flower power, so it’s only fitting to see many of the new La Perla swimsuits decorated with oversized blooms. The geometric lines and bold colors recall the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Animal prints never truly slip out of vogue, but they enjoyed great popularity in the sixties. So it seems appropriate to see snake-like scales on the swimsuits and even the images of antelopes on the silky kaftans. La Perla finishes its new designs with feminine frills, pleats, and tassels.

It takes a special skill to create a range that pays tribute to a decade of the past, yet looks modern and youthful. To do so across three separate lines so consistently, and with such a clear cohesive vision, is even more impressive. La Perla’s new swim range will hit stores around the world in the coming months.

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