La Blanca Sweetheart One-Piece Swimsuit | Sophisticated Black Ruched Swimmers

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La Blanca Sweetheart Swimsuit

La Blanca Sweetheart SwimsuitLa Blanca reminds us that modesty can be sexy with this classic Sweetheart swimsuit.

The suit gets its romantic name from its sweetheart neckline, a flattering cut which looks like the top half of a heart shape. This neckline gives way to gentle criss-cross ruching across the bust. These gentle pleats continue down the length of the swimsuit, effectively hiding any problem areas while looking chic at the same time.

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Considering that figure-flattering style, it’s surprising to see the narrow range of sizes. This is the sort of suit that would make a plus-sized girl sizzle, but it’s not available in anything bigger than a 12.

This is a really sexy suit, yet it never stoops to the clichés. We don’t get a plunging neckline, or even a high cut bikini bottom. There’s a certain retro glamour to the design, which hearkens back to the time when class, rather than bare skin, truly impressed.

Given its vintage appeal, it’s no surprise that this Sweetheart looks best in basic black. If you prefer a little more color though, it’s also available in bright teal.

At $119 the Sweetheart is a significant investment, but its timeless style makes it one worth considering.

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