Kelsyus Beach Canopy Chair

Blue Outdoor Shade Recliner Seat

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Posted: Aug 16 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

You can sit in shade and comfort as you watch others chase their oversized umbrellas down the beach with this Kelsyus Canopy Chair.

This innovative accessory is part umbrella, part beach chair. It's a clever combination which helps us cut down on the goodies we need to take on our beach excursion. Not that carrying it is entirely easy though. The chair is quite heavy, and while the backpack straps help to ease some of the strain moving it isn't effortless.

The canopy and low profile chair are both adjustable, so you can always escape the sun's heat and find the most comfortable sitting position. That is, at least, so long as you don't want to sit upright. With so many variable positions, it's surprising that this beach chair only reclines. I suppose Kelsyus really wants us to take it easy!

The metal frame is durable, although perhaps not the most practical choice for a chair that will spend so much time in the sun. It will withstand the elements, but it also gets quite hot in steamy summer weather. Customers suggest covering the arms with towels to protect bare arms. This measure might solve the problem, but also seems a bit fiddly.

The Kelsyus Canopy Chair isn't perfect, but at $64.99 it's more affordable than purchasing a beach seat and umbrella!

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