Kelsyus Bamboo Chair

Eco-Friendly Natural Reclaimed Beach Seat

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Posted: Oct 20 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0.0/10 |

Kelsyus Bamboo ChairKelsyus has created a beach seat for environmentally conscious sun lovers with this Bamboo Chair.

Rather than a traditional metal frame, this eco-chair is made from reclaimed bamboo. Bamboo is always green as its crop replenishes so quickly and without pesticides, but by using a reclaimed fiber Kelsyus further minimizes its carbon footprint.

The frame is also a smart choice on a functional level. It won't heat up as quickly as metal will, so you won't scald your arms as you're relaxing by the water. The frame is also surprisingly stronger than steel, yet more lightweight. As we already struggle with so many beach accessories, it's exciting to find any way to lighten our loads.

This beach chair is finished off with an undyed cotton seat and pillow. These features don't look as exciting as colored options would, but there's a certain charm to their natural finish. And let's remember that they'll do the job just as well as their vivid counterparts; they just won't have polluted the planet.

This beach chair is a lot simpler than most of Kelsyus' designs, but it's also much greener. I personally I think those eco-credentials make it worth its $69.99 price tag, but if you haven't jumped on the green bandwagon yet you probably won't see value.

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