Kayu Sunglasses Do Good

Bamboo Shades Fund Sight Surgery

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Posted: Jul 7 | 1 Comment |

Kayu SunglassesKayu promises to help you look good while doing good with its range of sustainable sunglasses.

The label combines Texan-born Jamie Lim's commitment to craftsmanship, ethics, and the environment. While Kayu is the Malay word for wood, her sunglasses are made from bamboo, which is technically a grass. Whatever you want to call it, it's one of the most sustainable fibers in the world, quick to grow without the assistance of fertilizers or other chemicals.

There are just four styles to choose from, but while the range is limited it is classically stylish. And while you're supporting Kayu, you're not just doing right by the planet; you're also helping its people. Kayu donates $20 for every pair of sunglasses sold to Unite for Sight. That figure might seem like small change to you and me, but it's enough to fund surgery to restore the sight of one needy person.

Kayu is part of an inspiring fashion movement, one which is more conscious of the planet and world around it than its bottom line. It seems to reflect the way that society as a whole is becoming a bit more aware of its footprint and the mark we're making on the planet. And when fashion labels can create accessories as beautiful as Kayu's sunglasses while doing good, it's hard to resist them!

[Source: Kayu Designs website]

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