Karla Colletto Angles One Piece Swimsuit

Striking Retro Asymmetrical Mesh Swimmers

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Posted: Mar 23 | No Comments | Buyer Ratings: 0/10 |

Karla Colletto Angles SwimsuitBe still my beating heart, for it has fallen hard for this Angles swimsuit from Karla Colletto.

It gets its name from the bold black angular lines which criss-cross over this asymmetrical swimsuit. The black color is picked up again in modern mesh panels, which provide a striking contrast to the vibrant electric blue base. Completing the Angles fashion-forward vision is the one-shoulder asymmetrical design. This same suit is available in a more traditional tank style, but I think this surprising cut is much more compelling.

After I was so wowed, it's a bit disappointing to see the Angles from the back. Gone are those compelling black lines and mesh panels, replaced by a design which can only be called basic. Conservative girls will appreciate the full bottom rear and the high back, but would they be wearing such a dramatic swimsuit?

The looks are only half of the Angels' story. Karla Colletto's blend of matte microfiber, nylon, and Xtra Life lycra is really smart. It's designed to have a low environmental impact, while still offering swimmers everything they need. She claims the fabric is ten times more chlorine resistant than traditional swimsuit materials, and dries twice as fast. It's also comfortable to wear, and flexible in the water.

But really, we deserve all these perks and more for the $288 Karla Colletto charges. This is certainly a designer styled swimsuit, with the designer price tag to match.

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